Well, I've finally realised that I've been procrastinating for much too long!I've decided to do me a favor by finally UPDATING this site.So, that's what I'm doing now.Come back later for a new updated site. While I work on new features, I've decided to leave the old stuff behind for the first time visitors (I wonder if any of you actually return to visit me a second time, but I'll just tell myself that you do!)

For those of you who have absolutely no idea as to where you are...well, here's an intro...

Mmm...I'm Priya Subramanian, a 23 year old (I'll be 24 soon...Yup, even I grow old!) who loves sitting in front of the computer trying my hand at web designing.I'm an Indian by birth...born in God's own country, Kerala.

I did my schooling at the Indian Embassy School (now known as the International Indian School),situated a few kilometers off Dammam, Saudi Arabia. If you are or were studying at the school, let me know...I'm always dying to meet my school-mates. It's a pity my school, now known as the International Indian School (student pop: ~8000), doesn't have an official website. I hope to make a page dedicated to my school after the GREAT UPDATING is done.

U ntil then, please look around whatever is left here. I've put up a new Cork Board . Post your views. I'd love to read them. I've leaving REGGI'S PAGE behind because I can't bring myself to delete it! I'll be putting his new pictures up soon. He's almost 7 years old now and yes...still a virgin!

By the way, you're the
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person to visit my webpage since December, 1999.Do visit it more often as I keep adding new stuff whenever I find it possible.I hope you enjoy your stay at my cyber-home.

Before you leave, let the world know you were here....please Sign my guestbook.Not ready? You can still View my guestbook . And when you do feel like signing my guestbook, please be brave and enter your name...I truly despise all those annonymous messages....goes on to prove how dastardly people can be. (Whoever said discretion is the better part of valour and thus cowardice the better part of discretion ? )

Do tell me how I can improve my webpage. I don't mind the critisism...Ofcourse, I just delete messages that are too critical of my mediocre mind. So, don't me too harsh on me...I'm jus' a l'll gurl. Oh and tell me if this font is actually appealing or not. I have a bet with my dear brother on this.

Hope you have a nice and productive day!! I leave you with my favorite quote: "Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease but it's the best one of them all!"


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